The Story

The existence of Holocrons and the knowledge contained within them, bring about a struggle between both Jedi and Sith alike.

Each side looking to maintain control of ancient wisdom contained within.

Our Story

Our story takes place three years before Episode 1: The Phantom Menace. Yoda recites a tale of a previous skirmish between the Jedi and some Unknown rival battle, that has come to be nicknamed “Battle for the Holocron” to a young Anakin.

As the flashback begins we see Jedi Knight June with R2D2 aboard a ship traveling to a remote forest on Naboo. Her youngling Marcus and the others are there for the “gathering” to retrieve their crystals in order to achieve the next level of their training in becoming a Jedi Padawan.

But as Darkness falls, our story takes a turn for the worst as our heroes must face a group of iconic villains and other surprise guests.

Our Philosophy

When you believe in a story that’s never been told or seen on the big screen, we as a group do what must be done. We do everything to make it possible to make it happen, but we also need all of your help to make it a reality.

Help us Star Wars Fans you’re our only hope.

Making Of

Arch Film presents its secret plans.